General questions
The client require at least Dual Core 2,4 Ghz CPU, 4 GB Memory, 512 MB Dedicated VGA and 8 GB Hard Disk space. Installed DirectX 9 and Net Framework 4.0
Our website has a starting guide. Visit a Server Info page for the link. (Credits goes to Evynne and Eddy)
We are providing support through Discord only. You can ask in #general_talk or PM any staff member.
We will inform you on website and Discord when you able to send application's for us! Always check our site for the latest news!
Game Related questions
You can choose nation with ALZ. Put all of your money to the warehouse then take out 1234561 ALZ for Capella or 1234562 for Procyon nation. Then go switch character or relog and you will get that nation!
Simply go to Cabal.RED website then login you can see the vote menu option now just click it there is a vote panel if you do it correctly you voted and gain a reward. The reward item can be exchanged at Yul in Green Despair for items!
You can donate with PayPal or Paysafecard on website. You have to know you will not get your CC immediately just when [Owner]PwrDex is online. More details you can see after login and click on donate button! To make sure you recieve your CC just PM @PwrDex on discord.
We have custom shops you can find ingame at Bloody Ice NPCs ItemShop tab and in "N" Shop. You can't get any stats or armour, weapon and other equipments by donating. If you have question then drop a message to any staff member on Discord!
Our website also has a droptable. The link can be found in Server Info page!
- The fastest way explained in Starter Guide.
You can change T-Points for alz. 10 T-Point - 10 million alz.
You can change DP for alz. 10 DP - 25 million alz.
You able to farm T-Point only ONE owned account. Multiple accounts will be blocked and will result with Permanent ban!
You are allowed to use space macro. Bot's or other AFK tools for gaining unfair advantages are bannable. The penality is Permamemt. Hackings like wallhack, damage hack, no cooldown and others are prohibited. That will result permanent ban without mercy!
We have TG on different times! (Server time 9AM - 2PM - 5PM - 9PM) and we also have custom WEXP shop. You can see the current server time when you type /time in the game chat.