SERVER TIME: 27 / 01 / 2023 12:44 PM

PwrGames - RED Terms of Service

1.) Registration

PwrGames RED server is a free to play server. You can play without restrictions in our server.
During the registration process you will be asked for your e-mail address and the login credentials. 
As well you need to create an account on Discord and register this one at our Cabal.RED discord server in order to log in ingame.
Make sure to use a verified Discord account because every support related stuff will only be taken through discord and the connected discord-ingame accounts.

With registration and first log in, you accept our Terms of Service and Private Policy!

2.) Account releated

Your account will be valid and usable as long as the server exists.
You are allowed to share your account with up to 1 another person. 
You have to take care of your account and your log in credentials.
We are not responsible for your accounts security as well as for cases of hacked accounts.
You are NOT allowed to rent or sell your account to someone else for real money, other game currencies, Alz or any ingame currency.
As well you are not allowed to sell any item or Alz for real money or other game currency, accounts, etc.
You are NOT allowed to use multiple accounts for bannable activities like botting, hacking, or T-Point farming. 
You are NOT allowed to use multiple accounts for vote.
You are NOT allowed to use multiple accounts to farm the Daily Dungeon Reward and send the Alz to your main account!
You are allowed to do the Daily Dungeon Challenges with same chars of your account, but not if you´re rotating DummyChars and get carried by one. (e.g. do it solo and you´re safe)
You are not allowed to use multiple accounts as storages for Alz (100b+). 
You are not allowed to gift more than 100b Alz to any player. If you are giving out loans to friends or guildmates, you need to save a screenshot about the dealing containing the amount and the estimated pay back time!
All loan and repay must go through ingame mail system, with title of the mail LOAN or REPAY. 
Services payout must go through ingame mail as well with title SERVICE.

Netcafes are counted as 1 person and if someone getting banned for bannable actions, all users who logged in through same IP will be affected as well.

3.) Character related
You are not allowed to trade any currency/ item/ account for real money or other game tradeables.
We will punish such attempts/ actions with a temporary / permanent ban!
You have to keep screenshots about trades above 100b! The screenshot must contain the deal, items and Alz!
If we can't identidy the reason for a transaction (e.g. 50b for nothing or extremely overpriced items like 30b for 1 UCH) it will be counted as RMT attempt and can be banned permanently!

Staff will not be responsible for any scamming cases that occur as a result from the game.
It is your responsibility to check your dealings with others and ensure your own safety.
If you are uncomfortable in certain dealings, you may request for a Staff Member to act as a mediator for your trade.
However, Staff Members are not obliged to do so and may decline your request.
Inappropriate character names will be renamed.
(e.g. names which contains any sexism, racism, religious or political harrasment as well as names which belongs to the staff member or can be seen as any related ones)

4.) Staff related behaviour
The staff member are working for you! So be respectful towards them.
a) Staff Impersonation:

Staff Member can be identified through their Staff Tag in front of their IGN.
Anyone who tries to impersonate Staff in any manner will be given a warning.
Subsequent offences will result in a permanent ban.

Clarification on Staff Tags. The following are legitimate staff tags.
Any other custom tags are a reward for donations and are NOT Staff Designations.

[Owner] / [Co-Owner]: Owner
[DEV]: Developer
[GM]: Game Master
[GAL] Game Advisor Leader
[EM]: Event Manager
(GA): Game Advisor

b) Staff respect:
You have to respect EVERY Staff member, even if you don´t agree with them.
Continuously discrespect in any way may result in a temporare ban.
Repetitive disrespectful behaviour will be punished with a permanent ban.

5.) Use of Third-Party Programs & Bug Exploits
Third-Party Programs & Cheats are strictly forbidden!
Known common cheats are No Skill Delay (NSD), Wallhack, AOE Hack, GM Mode.
Anyone who is caught by mShield or by any staff member and confirmed to be using any kind of hacks

Bike + social skills (roll over, dance) bug. First catch 1 week ban, 2nd catch Permanent ban for abuse this bug.  This bug causing a knock-back resist and down resist. This rule currently apply to TG only!

You are allowed to use macro for space (loot) only.

Activating any other kind of macros is bannable.
Leave your char "playing" afk is considered as botting and will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
First time we will give 60 days ban as warning. Second time automatically become permanent.
(you can be afk waiting for spawns but not attack and loot macro activated)
Bug abusers and exploit users are bannable as well.

6.) Ingame Rules
a) Language:
English is the mandatory language for the Local (/L) and Megaphone (/M) chat.
If other languages will be used there, Staff Members will issue warnings to any offender. 

b) Manner:
Insults, trash talking, inappropriate/offensive comments/language and player harassment (i.e. excessive messaging/PK)
are not encouraged.
Racistic, sexistic, religious trash talk in Local or Megaphone can result in temporare ban without warning!
Overuseage of trade shouts in Local (/L) or Megaphone (/M) can be considered as spam as well
and will be handled as such situationally.

Repetitive violations of this rules will result in extended temporare bans.

c) afk  T-Point farming
It´s only allowed on T-Point channel.
You can use Kimzark of Will in front of BI Warp Center and hit while you´re afk
or here you´re also allowed to use "Show Skills" Option
(e.g. if your PC/ Net is too weak to handle that many player on one spot).
Using "Show Skills" Option on any other channel will result in a free kickout.
Also afk in TG is counted as afk farming for reward cube and can be punished with a temp. ban until this war ends.

7.) Donations
You are able to help PwrGames - RED server and his staff by donating to the server.
Once the payment is done and the donation reward received, refunding is not an option anymore.
All donations are final. 
You have to use the official donation methods for your donation.
Currently available methods for payment are viewable through the donation tab.

8.) Support
Support will be provided only through Discord. 
If you have questions or problems then feel free to join to our Discord server. 

We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service anytime!