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PwrGames RED Official Wiki
A fully featured wiki containing how-to's and info about PwrGames RED.
Currently under construction (Last update: 19/03/2021)
Useful Guides Game basics
Guilds, Professions, Skills and Gear Gameplay types

Battle Styles




Other Items


How to create and maintain a Guild.
Guild Ranking system and rewards.

PvE – Player vs. Environment

Storyline – The story of the game.

  • NPCs - The NPC's of the game.
  • Quests – Overview of the main quests.
  • All quests – Side quests, skill quests, and other quests.

Locations – All towns and areas.

  • Maps – Links to complete maps.
  • Dungeons – Available instance dungeons.

The Bestiary – The creatures in the game.

  • Bosses – Unique enemies to test your mettle.

Drops – Where to find items which the mobs drop.

Non-Player Characters – Grocers, Instructors, Alchemists and more.

Mercenaries – Summon NPCs to help you in dungeons.

PvP – Player vs. Player

War Server – The home for PvP fights.

  • Duels – 1 vs 1 quick fights.
  • Honor - Honor points earned to gain new titles to enhance war fighting ability.

Guild vs Guild – Fight along with your guild mates against other guilds.

Mission War – Fight your nation's foes!

Player kill – PK mode

Saint's Forcecalibur – Obtain the ultimate weapon

Reference Links to Wiki-Staff

  • Rules and Terms – A list of our important rules & policies.
  • Special Services - A List of Services which PwrGames - RED provides (class change, Item transfer, etc).